About us

       Founded in 1993 CHOMIK Company hires 50 employees and is managed by Mr. Marek Świeży
and Mr. Zdzisław Kowalski.
    The seat of the company (5 warehouses, Hall of Producers,  business offices) is located in Gdów,
20 kilometers far from Cracow.
    We are the biggest distributor of household articles in Poland. Our asortment on amonut
10000 different items contains: household articles, food and processing industry articles, pots (polyethylene, ceramic galvanized, fiberglass), glass, porcelain, wooden and metal gallantry, jugs, plastic articles and imported goods: wicker articles, floor & door mats, etc. and season
articles (eg: garden furnitures).
    Today we cooperate with over 200 companies from Poland and from abroad. To meet with our customers demands, our offer is still enlarging of new groups of goods.


      CHOMIK Company was founded in 1993. His core was group of qualified employees whom
care of image of the company and pay attention to changing situation on local market.
    For instance in 1997 new economical and social stituation was setlled, and demand was higher than supply, competition intensify between companies. In next years CHOMIK Company takes intensife  actions to stabilize his position as main ditributor of household articles in southern Poland.
    In 2000 was built modern exposition hall, where are exhibit goods of over 100 manufacturers from whole country.
   In 2004 CHOMIK Company was: gain satisfy of new customers, gain many certificates from producers, still enlarged offer, systemtic take part in fairs in Poland and abroad.
     This are proofs of big job which has done by employees of our Company.

Year 1993                                                                     Year 2005


      The main seat of CHOMIK Company is in Gdów, located 20 kilometers far from Cracow, in centre of województwo (province) mołopolskie.
    City as well as its neighbourhood is beauty spot which cover central part of Dolina (valley) Raby and southern part of Pogórze (foothills) Wielickie. Region is chracterized by varied relief and fovourable conditions for turistic and recreational develpment.
    Most of Gdów region is legally protected enviroment, which consist of beautiful Raba's bends, many manor houses with Old Polish roofs and parks in Liplas, Bilczyce, Hucisko and Wola Zręczycka.

Greetings from Gdów